💥💯Starting at 200lbs going to 135 _cre

It felt like I gained it all overnight!

Things just got out of control when I started working 3 jobs and going to school full time. I didn't even have a second to check in the mirror (nor did I want to)and realize where I was headed. 205lbs was my heaviest... I always was around the heavier side but this was by far the most I had ever been. 

I wanted to be fit and have endless motivation.


 Honestly I wish the story ended there and boom I dropped the weight but we all know how this goes, I changed a little bit here and there for about 2 weeks lost a couple pounds then went right back to old habits.


The real issue wasn't that I didn't know how to eat healthy, or even that I had no idea how to "workout"  but really was that I didn't have true intention. I just wanted to loose weight which aha I did but that was it I just lost 10lbs, I wasn't specific at all. 

The secret is our minds are really good at creating directions to what we think about, good or bad we will find a way to get there. For a long time I struggled with vision, heck even today I still do, trust me I'm not trying to come off as some superficial guru that has mastered The (actual) Secret but I do now understand how important and easy clear vision makes life.

What was the pinnacle moment? 

haha well my house burned down and I was forced to starve 75lbs off ....- Just kidding! The funny thing is there was none, I DIDN'T HAVE TO HIT ROCK BOTTOM! Hopefully this comes as a relief to you, away from all the traumatic comeback stories that tell how  people were forced to change, and probably at some level made you feel like something really terrible has to happen before you can commit to a new path too.


Game changer reality is you either run towards pleasure or run away from pain either way were running and that's supposed to be good right? Ok, Ok, jokes aside serious Rachael time, your ability to master your mind, your life, your path isn't dependent on some crazy situation, nor do you have to possess all the skills to succeed  in the long term right this very moment.


The only thing you need to have is a desire to change as your Coach it's MY job to ensure you have a clear and inspiring vision, the tool box to stay focused, the directions to your destination, and the kindness to ensure you are supported in you're goals fully and without judgement. 

It might be crazy to say but I am so lucky to have been so overweight and experienced so much frusteration to change because it allowed me to see how much ability we have to become who we want to be no matter where we started! 

Freeze, right now you have momentum maybe you don't feel like you have a lot or maybe you're well on your way but struggle with consistency . Don't do what I did and wake up one day far from where you want to be saying oh my goodness this suckssssss, when the help or resources literally is two inches (or four depending on where your reading this lol) below your fingers! 


By clicking the above button you will be directed to my schedule. There will be no commitment nor sales when we talk I simply will interview you and to see if you are a good fit for the FREE 3 Day Challenge I created to jumpstart your ability to long lasting focus, and control over your health and goals. There are LIMITED SEATS so I recommend acting fast. I DO NOT support fad diets, get fit quick schemes, or fat burner shakes that promise weight loss, I believe in actual long lasting change that allows you to take full control of your health, focus, and the ability to increase the amount of years you have to enjoy your life to the fullest.


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