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3 Hacks: Working From Home

After working from home for the past several years I've definitely found the challenges, and benefits of rolling out of bed and into your day, pant or no pants. If you're just starting to work from home there maybe a few of the cardinal feels that arise eg. feeling anxious that maybe you aren't doing enough, being distracted, feeling isolated, struggling with the communication with others that you need to work with, plus more. So here's a couple of tips that really made things easier:

1) Designate a space for yourself

Create a work station, even if you expect to go back to work in an office at some point having a clean and clear station filled with all your essentials: pens, paper, computer, notebook, all of it in one spot will help you stay focused for longer and give you a sense of security within your flow. Make sure your space has outlets and some personal touches (I keep my piano next to me when I need a creative break), along with room for your favorite drink of choice.

2) Create a list or calendar

When you work from home you deal with very real distractions and very imaginary distractions aka, "did I put the laundry in the dryer?" I personally like to have a list that I split in half, one side personal duties the other work duties, each one also also takes notes if there are time restrictions with it so I can look at the list and prioritize. The calendar I use focuses more on deadlines instead of daily tasks and keeps me focused and clear on what needs to happen and how my progress is going along with the timeline it should be.

3) Put your phone on silent, and any distracting media

Sounds simple but it's so easy to get distracted by constant, bings, or interesting media outlets. If you're like me you like to get the job done and efficiently, when I had those on I would take twice as long to finish simple tasks. Projects get drawn out and important notes get forgotten. Working from home get's a lot easier when you just focus on getting what you need done faster.

Hope those help, if you have any other suggestions let me know! I'd love to hear how you make working from home work :)!