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Traveling During The Coronavirus

My vacation became unpredictable as each day news updates rapidly became more threatening.

As I boarded my flight Saturday March 7th most things in my city were still running normally, and Costco the day before was filled with all usual house supplies. More people than ever were wearing masks at the airport (including myself) and wiping down everything they touched. Domestically things weren't crowded at that time...

A couple days into the trip and every Uber driver had a story to tell about what was happening, "the coronavirus was a secret attempt to kill the country" "the coronavirus can't survive in warm weather" each story got more riddled with personal opinion. Then the texts starting coming in from friends at home, everyone's working from home as confirmed cases in our area popped up. The grocery stores are empty and house products have sold out at Costco within the first 45 minutes of opening with lines rapped around the building.

I was shocked, where I was things were running as normal. Nothing was closed and everyone was still in full vacation or work mode. It was like my hometown was falling apart and I wasn't really sure what I would come back to.

The day before my flight home the official warning that domestic flights would be stopped came and three hours later I pulled out and was on an earlier flight back home. The airport line wrapped around the building to get through TSA, most people wearing masks and the flight attendants made announcements on being sanitary. I've never seen such a crowd and effort like this before.

Finally getting home I got an email, the gym was closed, and as I went to Costco I realized they had moved everything and there was no longer any soap, cleaners, toilet paper, or paper towels.

What's been your experience through this?