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You’ll never be successful if you can't do this…

A long time ago a good friend told me this story. We were walking alongside towards this beach through a muddy and sandy path. It was a struggle but the sun was setting and we were determined to get there to watch it go down. My friend has always taught me great life and business lessons but most of all how to be at peace with yourself. They created multiple 7 to 8 figure businesses and through some cosmic power we met just as I was starting my business.

So there we were trudging towards the beach and they told me this story: There’s a lawyer he’s extremely successful. He’s accumulated millions of dollars and he’s ready to take his life to the next level so he goes to Mexico and buys this boat. He’s going to start a new business and create a fleet of boats and get a bunch of workers and once he’s invested millions into that to make billions he’s going to take his life to the next level again and take all that money and live life freely. Take his kids to fish and spend time with his family and really get to enjoy the fruits of his labors. One day this lawyer met this man on the dock. This man is about the same age and he asks him, “Hey mister what do you do? I see you all the time around here?” The man replies well sir I live a humble life I take care of my family I come out to the docks and fish with my son everyday, I sell what we catch to make money, and I feed my family with the fish we don’t sell. Every evening my wife, son, and I watch the sunset.”

My friend stopped the story there and after we laughed, I joked at them - was this a cry for help? But in that moment as we finally arrived at this magical view of the beach as the sun we both knew that the real meaning of the story was; life is not measured by accumulation of money or things, and moments like this could not be bought.

The secret is: True success can never occur if you rely on external measures for internal feelings, if you can’t feel like a success today in the place you are now there is nothing out in the world that can change that for you. Like a breath of air you breathe out what you breathe in.