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5 Reasons your phone sales sucks

Ok so I the title mislead slightly all phones sales can suck but 5 reasons that it sucks most can actually be fixed with a little TLC. If you have to make phone sales in your business listen up because this will change your world completely.

Here are the 5 reasons most phone sales can be terrible:

1) Terrible warm up vehicle : the way in which you get people on the phone to talk to you is either less than welcoming, or seems unclear as to how you can help. Also the warm up vehicle to this should actually be doing most of the sales for you and exciting whoever you chat with to see what the next steps are, most times you can tell if this is off if the people you talk to answer confused to who you are and how you got their number.

2) You didn’t follow up: it’s a silly thing to be included in this list but has been a law in sales since the old days, leads usually respond and buy after the 5-6th or even 11ths point of contact. There has been many times in my career in which a simple follow up meant picking up thousands of dollars that were left on the table. You're not annoying you're in sales, if someone is in your funnel that means they have a need so get in the seat and help these people. The reality is even if it no sale comes through you have show to be an honest reliable and helpful person that others can refer to when in need.

3) You don’t know the 80 20 rule: Sales is not talking, educating, preaching, or pushy, it is in essence deep listening. People don’t care what you have till they know how much you care so CARE, a lot about them, listen treat them right and allow them to tell you what they need and if it fits show them but if not refer them out to your network. With this method you will be in a space where you can not only help people with your best abilities but also serve your network with referrals and develop relationships with others in business where that can happen more often.

4) Your value is not matching your price: If what you sell isn’t worth in the eyes of your CUSTOMER what you charge they will never buy. Simple but harsh truth is they don’t care how hard you worked to build something, if it doesn’t feel a need in which they can see it helping it's just not going to be worth it. Most people already have negative feelings about purchasing something so you have to show how the negative feelings of keeping that problem is much more than letting you help them get rid of it.

5) Your talking to the wrong leads : Okay this is a really big one actually and overseen by most, not all sales leads are good leads just like a bad nut you wouldn’t eat it if it were rotten and even if you tried it would taste like shit so save yourself some pain and qualify who you are talking to a bit more. It will not only improve your business interactions with the public but also lead to a better efficiency of your time and lucky you this can be automated!

So there you have it these are my best tips for phone sales use it with cation it just might fill your books up with business.

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