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3 Reasons That Keep YOU Late-Night Snacking

It’s been a long day and as it labors your mind the kitchen beckons your thoughts. Your tired of running laps around the counter and checking the fridge inventory while debating the to snack on something or just go to sleep.

You want to be healthy but the light at the back of the fridge burns the will to shut the door and just go to sleep diminishes. Why not? Why not just have a little something here a little something there?

The first times not so bad but it’s been a while now of this and it’s starting to show on your body but the cycle just keeps going… it’s starting to feel a little hopeless. You my friend are suffering from the covert midnight snack attacks. They seem to pop in out of nowhere and hypnotize you into demolishing the entire bag of chips an extra glass of wine and some small treats hidden in the fridge drawers. It seems almost hopeless to stop this as the will to resist is more exhausting than the effects it has… in THAT moment.

Well you might be wondering what has cursed me to be insatiably drawn to this late at night with no ability to resist its allure?

--- These 3 reasons cover every base of power that the midnight snack attacks poses! ---

1)Your Broke Imagine our ability to make big decisions as a bank. Let’s say everyday you wake up you have 5 dollars as you go about the day making the tough choices like getting out of bed, fighting traffic, dealing with rejection, answering frustrating emails your spending that money. When you finally get home you feel “spent” probably because you are and the fair home was costly as well. By then spending anymore on tough decisions is like trying to buy a Bugatti on a minimum wage…. It ain’t happenin. So you have to ask yourself this: you have two options… make more money, or spend less through the day. If you’re like me I’d rather make more money and lower my overhead at the same time ;).

2)Deficiencies - (figuratively lowering our overhead)Our body has NEEDS, that’s no new news so I won’t bore you with the technicalities so Ill instead tell you what’s actually not very commonly known! Cravings are extremely helpful, they point us to what we actually might have been missing out all day of. For instance want some ice cream? Maybe your body is lacking some extra fats that it didn’t receive. The list goes on but understanding what you are craving and the biological needs behind it can help you feel better through the day and cut the desire out of the nights.

3)Survival- (figuratively increasing our pay)Guess what! Our Brains use upwards of 20% of our daily calories yet only are 2% of our bodies. That means they take up a lot of energy we need to function. By design we are built to survive and using extra energy on things that don’t seem equally important to survive at any given moment aren’t easily done. At night during the times we go in search of food our bodies and minds are searching for survival and uprooting the belief systems we have about that are a key factor in increasing our ability to fight back the midnight snack attacks.

If you are struggling with these things trust me the late night snacking can be controlled and the ability to actually rewire your mind to desire getting a good night's sleep without an unplanned trip to the fridge IS POSSIBLE and not as difficult as it may have seemed after trying to stop it before.

If you are looking for help and need that extra boost of motivation for this I’m happy to share my secrets in a short 10 minute breakthrough session that you can access for free today

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Chat with you soon! Coach Rachael