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What To Do With Passion and dreams.

In all reality we know they change a lot over time,

more than 50-70% of students change their major at LEAST once in college.

Holly cow

thats a lot and many times

were hot as a flash for someone then ice cold.

Our feelings change, who we are changes, who others are changes, industry ch- ... well you get the point.

When you have a gleaming passion for something trust me it's a special moment, you get the chance to really push towards something you actually enjoy. Ideas and creativity comes at you in an all time high and your ability to create something beautiful is maximized. Thats when you act and take big steps,

Its interesting if you have ever read the book Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert who is more well known for Eat Pray Love talks about ideas being spiritual and having a life path of their own, how they come knocking on your door with all their energy and if you don't take action they run to the next person.

Its kinda like that feeling I'm sure you felt when you had this huge idea but never did anything and then boom all the sudden you see someone else doing it and say hey I thought of that! Well in her theory thats the spirit of ideas they go and come and stay when they felt heard.

Sounds a little woo woo but hey it works, most success is built of this little baby passion that smacks you in the face and whisks you away into a laborious but beautiful complete project.

Point is do, don't think about it too much, please just do, act and create bring others in to fill the spots you miss as much as you can when you actually want to, while the fire is hot, because ideas and passion doesn't come to those who's door stays closed ;)!