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Embrace Your Ride (our existential existence)

I find myself wound in a rootless existence nothing here,

nothing there,

holding me away or within.

The air in my lungs grounding me down while the thoughts in my head lifting me up.

I take a moment to gaze upon the stars, many times in hopes there was somehow something out there that had planned this moment perfectly, to teach a lesson worth learning. In the darkest nights not only by encapsulation of overthinking but the cold blanket that wraps around your mind in daunting times I remember believing that one day this will be over. When I say over I don’t just mean this period of time but more so this period of life existence...the one thought that makes others go insane brings peace to a haze in me.

The only guarantee that I was gifted at birth to know was inevitable is the one that I hold closest and the time in the middle well, that's what I call ride.

This small fraction of a wrinkle in time we ride the earth and every turn we make so closely examined as if it matters, as if the journey from point A to point B must be rushed and forced to resemble others ride. The system, the pressure, the allure of a fast ride that travels higher than any other draws in riders from all over. We’re a pack, we feed off each other. But is the peak any more beautiful than a valley full of grazing and happy few who chose to have peace within?

Between the two is for you to choose but with either one remember always

enjoy the ride,

let go of the thoughts and

free yourself from the fear of a journey ahead

A fear so strong it can ancor

you down from either place

before your first steps have been taken.