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How To Save Lives

This is pretty upsetting:

According to a 2014 survey of 11 rich nations by the Commonwealth Fund, the United States ranked dead last in overall health care performance, in metrics such as equity of care, efficiency and "healthy lives." (A three-part measure of "mortality amenable to medical care, infant mortality and healthy life expectancy at age 60."). Another reason for this poor performance is a

ctually a top ranking garnered by the United States — the highest health expenditure per capita. The average American spends $8,505 a year on medical care, more than every country, with the Swiss coming in second, at $5,643), but whose health care is ranked at No. 2 in the survey, behind the United Kingdom.

***********Beware this is a Rant Against the System*********

Recently just spent $500 to see a doctor who wasn't available for 3 months for 10 whole minutes who's solution was I don't know what's wrong maybe just get some rest.

It was beyond the most disheartening experience and pointless. I must say I don't mind spending on health it's very important to me but if Im paying someone 500 for 10 minutes my health better be important for them too. Full disclosure I had internal bleeding and nothing was investigated.

Before I continue this is not a stab against doctors at all who have worked hard to get to where they are and care about their patients but more so towards "the system".

It is shit. That's all. Hundreds of thousands of people suffer and can't afford health care or have it but with such high deductibles that when they need help they go bankrupt, yet everyones against single player health care systems because it's going to make health care harder to receive.

Are you kidding?

More difficult than the many times people have waited over 3 months to be seen or never even go because they don't want a bill? How about all the medicine needed but no money to pay for it because its $200 for a pinky sized squeeze tube of cream.

I know what you're going to say....

But I saw someone say they came to America because they couldn't get treated, let me ask you who is it. Do you know them personally or is it from the media? Hmmm?

I think everyone has a right to see a doctor no matter if its a mental or physical issue. I see everyone posting about stop bullying and all this shit like its going to change a damn thing but no one talking about how stupid the system for mental patents are! How much judgement people pass on others for getting therapy. I personally have dealt with an extreme amount of actual mental disorders around me and within me, not the oh I felt sorta sad because it's raining but the actual ones that make you scared of your thoughts for years.

You want to know how many people including myself who got real help.


They tell you to go home buy 500 dollars worth of chemicals to numb you and hope you don't go rambo one day.

Implementing a system that ensures everyone from the poorest to the richest gets health care is creating a healthier place for not only those who are sick but YOU!

Until then I'll stick to coaches who actually care,

medicines that are natural.

Continue actually helping my clients overcome crippling mental and physical health issues to

create the most beautiful life they can

because I know it's more affordable to pay for

precaution than percussion

because I care

because I don't just have a one

system fits all

because I've been there

and mostly

because I know you have what it takes

to pull through anything.