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Master Minding with Entrepreneur & Coach Brandaleen with her group of great minds on a mission:

I am beyond lucky to put this clip together of the talented Brandaleen Johnson who inspires us all to follow our true spirit and find the purpose and mission we have a calling towards. We first stumbled upon each other through social media and were immediately drawn by the law of attraction to each other. If you have not heard her story already Brandaleen has transitioned from the corporate world to full time entrepreneurship, listen to our eye opening conversation of how life is truly a mind game and how being healthy can affect all other aspects in our lives. One step at a time we can make progress and become the healthiest, most enlighten versions of ourselves.

Highlights by time stamps

1 intro

2-staying In the present moment

3-what comes up when you transform what you do in one area in life to the next

4 min spiritualists

5:30 - the science of how pessimism keeps fat on your body

8-how to over one that


10-min how your body feels heavy and how that makes it more difficult

12 self sabatoge

13-min how to get out of lack of motivation

15 - making getting to goals easier

16:30s - your client avatar is constantly changing

19- heavy weights is it good for you?

22- how diets create negative self Talk and how to overcome that

28- how to changing your patterns through conversation

30- vitamins

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