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How My Client Kisvardai aka full time Business owner & Mommy kicks butt & got her prebaby bo

My client Kisvardai is a truly inspiring woman who has mastered the process of online course success with implementing gamification to the process. If that isn't enough she also had a tremendous weight-loss and heath transformation after having her son.


"This is your one life! You can't tell me you don't have time to be happy and get what you want when this is the one life and chance you have."

Hot Topics Covered:

-Where her story started

-The fear and the feeling of first starting to go back into health

-The reality that leaving your kids and business while you taking care of yourself can be difficult and how she make a perspective change to get out of that mental jail. -How she finally stayed consistent and never gave up

-The time it took to overcome her back pain

-The successes and wins through her journey Let's help support our own!

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