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The First Step to a Transformation

I was 200 pounds at 5'3 for years. I went through the back pains, shoulder pains, and of course stiffness that come with being overweight. It ate away at my confidence, the way I saw myself and anyone who has been overweight knows it can make you feel burdened even at time's depressed. Buying cloths was always a horror story and I hated the way that anything tight would squeeze me so I resorted to loose fits always. I knew I had to change but I really didn't know exactly how and I tried almost everything from diet pills to shakes and running around my neighborhood for exercise. In the end none of that really stuck, I hated it and the weight would pile on over and over again until I made one small change.
I went to the gym. I made one small commitment to myself. I will go everyday no matter what. I'm not going to lie to you and tell you the weight came off like magic after that because it didn't, but what happened was the key to success, I learned something different when I went there. I found out how to make progress and what was effective workouts, I started to talk to people and got a coach to help me understand what being healthy really entailed and all of the sudden I couldn't stop loosing weight. I dropped pounds without even trying anymore because I wasn't so focused on just loosing weight but more on the process and being happy with myself.
I invite you to discover this brand new approach at fitness and mindset with me and start creating your own success story!