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Top 3 Queries That Drive Progress

The picture becomes clear as we take a glance at theories from hundreds of years ago about today and listen to philosophers about the art of patience, that progress is not simple and can be quite unpredictable:

According to

Hofstadter's law It always takes longer than you expect.


Predictions in the 1900s were that "IN 100 YEARS, there will be flying taxis and people will travel to the moon routinely. Knowledge will be instilled into students through wires attached to their heads. These may sound like the predictions of modern-day futurists, but they're how people a century ago saw the future–otherwise known to you and me as the present. " Greg Miller,

So how do we actually drive this magical train of progress and hopeful arrival at our dream destinations? Well if you also listen to the greats of todays times aka Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, and Gary V. you can get a grasp at how they made serious leaps towards success and growth with these 3 thought provoking questions.

1.Am I truly working on myself or just working?

It's easy to get caught up in "majoring in the minor" as Tony puts it, and keeping ourselves busy with things that we know how to do instead of learning the big new things that we need to grow. In Jim Rohn's words "Work hard at your job you can make a living. Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune." Ouch lesson learned work harder on yourself truly is a key to progress.

2.Have I let fear stop me from making the growth I actually needed to see results?

Sure we have all heard it before but with Gary V.'s slap in the face comments to get up and go he tells the truth always with one of my favorite quotes "Fear kills growth'" This one is tough because I know we all have fears and thats actually a human part of us we can't let go but just asking those questions and truly allowing yourself to see how it may have stopped you from growing to your full potential sets you miles ahead of the curve for sure fire real progress.

3.What were other people doing that I wasn’t to get to the next level and how could I find out?

This on will throw you for a loop and honestly I feel like is the most misunderstood out of all of them. It's stemmed from Tony who speaks about the fact that if you do what another has done you will achieve the same result. True or false? Well... it depends. With that don't involve lots of factors like loosing weight, or fixing broken phone screen its true, the equation is set in stone. For things like building up a talent or unique business this is half true, the fundamentals are in stone but the truth is even if I did everything that Michael Jordan did I would still be a 5'4 female that could never replicate his athletic achievements in pro mens basketball. The principle is simply this follow the fundamentals learn the skills of the success then create your own unique version no one else could even come close to copying.

I hope that was helpful and hey if it was already something you knew then I hope it was a good refresher. To end off just remember things take time, enjoy the process smile once in a while and do everything in your power to work on yourself and learn more to be great because damn you only get to go on this ride once, get at it!

With love always Rachael