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How to Stay Motivated

People ask how I stayed motivated to keep on track while loosing 70lbs and when I took the time to think I realized it came down to a simple equation and you probably already know it and I'm going to prove to you that you do if you stick with me here.

Think about the last time you were motivated to do something and stayed like that till you saw it through.

Got it?

Now ask yourself where did the spark come from, you were probably thinking about how great things would be if you did something. There it is the first part of the motivation equation is spark and focus on desired results. Second, lets look at the daily. How did you stay motivated? Where did the motivation go in and out? I'm sure you were working at it constantly, if not daily then weekly. The second part of the equation for motivation is constant action.

You don't need a whole lot in life but a dream and the discipline to continue taking action to see anything through and make your dreams a reality.

You can't seek motivation it simply appears when you take action. -Rae