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5 things YOU EAT that are hidden from ALL labels

1) Animals have emotions haha no really! A sad animal or mistreated animal gives off more stress hormones circulating inside its system. Why that matters for you is that the more you ingest sad animals the more sad you can get in transfer of hormones.

2) Can you believe those damn hormones actually affect another thing stress hormones trigger your fat storage system to turn on in case

you go through something stressful aka famine.

3) Animals eat food that is cheap but not really made for them. If the animals eat sub par food you get that passed down to you with bad meat.

4) Usually lots of animals in the production line or whatever you call it are fed growth hormones to make them even fatter than usual. Without a doubt you eat that stuff with them as well and it will trigger you to gain more.

5) Animals are full of love. They are our best friends and its not only a better meal when you try getting better quality meat but also supporting the fact that you care where your food came from and how it was treated prior to giving its life for ya ;)#alllivesmatter