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3 Types of Flexible Bodies: Which are you?

link to article about overly stretched girl

Which category are you in?

1) Hypermobile: Test by clicking -> here

If you are in this category you should most definitely not stretch instead your body needs stabilization movements to help it feel more secure and loosen up.

2) Average: You failed the hyper mobility test

If you are in this category you should be strategically stretching, if you are competitive yes you will need to get into some very difficult positions and sometimes you have to just push it to the limit time in and time out. Similar to the hypermobile group stabilization methods will improve your mobility as well.

3)Very unique: You may be hypermobile yet you have had scans that clearly defined your skeletal structure is different, than average.

In these cases there must be variations of movements to achieve full range of motion within the limits your body allows.