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Why Back Bends are Not for you

1) If you are even remotely trying to keep your low back hurting you really need to stay away from back bends. They help so much with it that it will seriously impede upon you're favorite excuse to do the dishes tonight or laundry this week! 2) The hunchback of notre dame look is actually becoming super popular it's almost like having normal posture isn't normal and if you like to follow the trends than this just isn't for you. Unfortunately it helps reverse the forward posture and prompts a healthy spin boring!!

3) Couldn't imagine being in a better mood? Neither can I, I love that moppy sad feeling that sticks with you for weeks so I try to stay away from anything that says it can help like some heart stretching and endorphin activating back bends that are known to help depression. 4) You're not trying to get any better at a sport or lifting weights. Its like the core is associated to every move but who needs it just wear a belt right? Not like I'm trying to be functional at 65.