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Common High Functioning Emotional traits to master (BONUS AFFIRMATIONS)

1) You understand that life comes in cycles (I am at peace with what is happening now )

Things always go up and down if you are on a high or a low you know the situation is always temporary and to allow yourself to enjoy each moment and embrace

2) you rarely criticize others( I am kind and accepting of others as they are to me as well)

No one is perfect we all know that and criticizing others often hurts us and can negatively effect our mental pattern far worse than just accepting the imperfections

3) little things often don't phase you (I am capable of overcoming opposition and use it to make me better)

In ever venture there will be things that happen that may look unappealing the problems are only lessons and a way to allow you to grow more.

4) when someone does something questionable you try to understand them before trying to defend yourself( I am understanding and empathetic)

When someone speaks to you they are either giving you love or crying for help if we can respond to more cries of help with acts of kindness and love we will surpass with much more grace than with another cry of help.

5) You look inwardly with a kind eye(I am worthy lovable and enough)

We often are our own hardest critiques and have difficulty celebrating our wins at times its so important to make sure when looking inwardly you are kind gentle and forgiving.

6) You constantly work on yourself(I learn and grow with the greats to reach my highest potential )

Self improvement isn't just for the broken or emotionally damaged everyone at some point has to reflect and sharpen their tool box

7) You know when to say no(I stay focused on what is most important to me and my goals)

We all love helping others yet when we draw ourselves too thin we often can not help anyone. Knowing your capacity and how much you can take on at once is a must so you can actually help others with to the best of your abilities

8) You shine confidence yet know that you are not perfect(I shine confidence in the fact that I am enough)

Yes although we all can't be amazing at everything we still are worthy and have the ability with the right support to shine through any obstacle with the right attitude.

9) You accept your weaknesses/ strengths(I understand and accept what Im good/ struggle with)

Knowing your weakness is a strength knowing your strengths is power

10) You don't set expectations(I go into life living in the moment. I am accepting of the present)

Setting preliminaries for life often steals enjoying a full emergence of the situation and halts the embrace of the present moment.

11) You're not afraid to try new things (I do not fear what has not happened)

Change brings many beautiful things it allows you to get to the next level it allows you to see different perspectives and can surprise you in new ways of finding what you enjoy and are good at.