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Want to know why social media makes you depressed and what you can do about it?

Here's a little secret: What you see on social media is often just a silhouette of what’s really happening, the highlight of someone’s life.

Even if we see a large portion of what they are doing we still never know the whole picture. This picture depicts the reality that when shown in the right light garbage can look like a very beautiful thing. The only issue is with social media it’s then relayed to others that compare themselves, they see the awesome guy or gal with the perfect life perfect car perfect partner who always gives them everything they want and living some type of dream.

The reality is ITS NOT REAL!

A camera roll doesn’t define a person, a body size doesn’t show what they are feeling, a car or house isn’t a measure of success.


🔑If I beg you one thing it would be feed your mind with things that make you feel better not worse, don’t compare yourself to the unrealistic hype that no one is actually living, you are all you need to be.🔑