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I found a secret restaurant

Heres a hidden story:

(pun intended)

A couple days ago I was walking around New York and found on yelp this amazing looking restaurant. As my friend and I tried to find it the gps kept reading we missed the front.

Over and over again we walked back and forth

looking for the entrance or a place that looked like it. At this point a bit confused we stepped back saw the supposed surrounding stores and there in the center laid a black door that blended with the wall.

This HAS to be it! I opened the door and found myself in a dark black closet but at the far wall laid a small stand with paper on it.

There laid my first clue that I was in the correct place.

On this tiny paper was their menu! As I looked to the left there was a blue neon string dimly highlighting a spiral staircase up. Turn after turn I started to question where I was going and if I should just turn back...there at the end was what seemed like an dead end turned out to be the light and entrance to a beautiful loft restaurant with ah amazing food.

Funny how in life we can miss the doors to the best stuff and on our way things maybe confusing but there will always be clues silver linings and although it may not look like the path you thought it would be in the end if you know where you want to go you will always end up there.