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What Competitive environments can do

The home events are always a slight bit different than the larger nationals.

That’s an obvious statement

but the one thing I completely did not expect to be different was

the tenacity of athletes.

At the regional event you could feel the tention blaze in the air and with ever fiber in my body I felt the angst and intensity of each athlete felt. No one was upset about re-ordering the lifters no one said sorry for challenging bad calls or red lights, simply put no one apologized for competing. You came out you preformed and you blew everyone out of the water.

But here?

Here instead the competition was noticeably different,

the fear of being better stung a bit and the same old line change trick was nervously and rarely played. I have to say although I loved the kind and courteousness of it all it burned in my head this was not helping.

These athletes came here to compete and to not hold high standards high intensity and the same tenacity undermines all the effort put forth and to take one baby step further away from winning. The proof is in the pudding there is a reason why Olympians train with Olympians and the event is so respected its because we all actually tried our hardest and were truly challenged and judged under clear direct scrutiny to be true.

Simple lesson learned – environment is everything.