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When your on top flex on em

Yes yes yes. This is why I love a top dog.

This is now the second time I’ve been in the pleasure of watching a sure thing dominate for pure pleasure of showing they can.

At both events recently gold’s were guaranteed even before the matches were over.

This happens when there’s only one lifter left and they already have the highest total at this point no matter what happens they are winners and both times they have gone

completely balls out on their final lifts.

Now some of you maybe thinking well why not?

But in reality once your numbers are on the board that’s it you will forever have to try

and top that. I couldn’t imagine the dread of a pr(personal record)

overlooking me it’s the same thing that author of eat pray love speaks about. She hit freakish success and knows that may likely have been her peek.

The great thing about being a top dog is they don’t give a shit

they will put it all on the line every time they can and in

moments there’s nothing to loose and everything to

gain they have no mercy for anyone else nor their future egos they take ship.

Funny creatures we are fighting so hard for a moment of glory yet once attaining it realize the fleeting of each moment. Here’s a tip:

Consistent good work stems from passion and always always beats talent luck and chance.

So I don’t give a crap about how you aren’t as good as them how you just got lucky if you want it just find the passion in it you have and produce. In the end the best work the balls out moments only come when you feel like a winner and its just you against you.