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Quiz: Why Everything But Fitness Gets Accomplished?

When you thing about your goals what is the first thing you think about?

  1. I have no idea where to start

  2. It does not look fun to do anything like that

  3. Its probably going to feel really uncomfortable having to make those changes

  4. Super excited but worried about the diet plan or having to spend time doing workouts

  5. Trying to figure out how to still fit in all the time with friends at yummy food places

After you take your first step into trying to achieve your goals ?

  1. )You are unsure if what you are doing is helpful or the right thing

  2. )You loose interest in the workouts and cooking it’s a drag

  3. )It is super difficult to deal with the soreness and new work load

  4. )The cravings are eating you alive

  5. )You miss your friends they start asking what’s going on poking fun

In the past what do you think was the main reason why didn’t achieve your goals?

  1. )In the end you didn’t get results

  2. )The repetition of everything was head banging boring

  3. )The amount of effort felt way too high when you were working

  4. )The food and games ended up winning the fight more times than not

  5. )Eventually it was just easier to hang out with friends and go out.

Instructions: Tally up how many 1's 2's 3's 4s and 5's you got now see which one marked highest to lowest.

Mostly number:

  1. Confusion of what to do

  2. Boredom with the info (honestly learning about this stuff is just not that fun sometime nor necessary)

  3. Pain (when attempting to make progress on goals the work feels far greater at that moment than it would be to live with the problem)

  4. Addiction (to food or rewards system sedentary activities)

  5. Social Pressure (we want to fit in and having similar issues sometimes allows us to do that)

Now that we have clearly Identified what's going on the best news is there are already solutions and plans made out for these exact issues!! Just comment below your number and Ill send it over to you!