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7 Fool Proof Methods To Enjoying Dessert Without Guilt

1) Have it after a great workout!

Yes. The nice thing about eating after a workout is your body is already depleted and needs more fuel. A little back story about why your body stores fat is because its like a preparation machine if you give it 100 bucks and it only uses 20 the 80 goes to savings. After a great workout its kinda like repaying a loan and its getting repaid :)

2)Share with a friend

A lot of time we enjoy sweets because it fills up our minds with some great dopamine, but guess how else we can get a dose of that? By being with some great people! A lot of times as well serving sizes can be kinda crazy so sharing actually evens out to the portion you probably should have anyways

3) Tally Your "Cheats "

A lot of time stress is caused from not knowing so the more you know the less you have to rely on just that gut feeling that this is not a good idea. When you keep a tally of what you are having throughout the day and week its much easier to have a basis of if you have gone overboard or not this week.

4) Go For a Healthy Sweet

This is my favorite. For a huge sugar lover its nice to see that there are so many products out there that can completely curb your desires while still meeting your health needs for the day! I always have a secret stash of my favorite sweet supplements to help on the days I wanna be bad ;)!

5) Plan it (aka Proactive vs Reactive)

Heres probably where the whole thing can come together for you. Most of the time we react to sweets you see it you want it you get it kinda thing. The only thing about that is then you have to just hope you are not around sweets to tempt you through the day. Guess what theres a much easier way! Its by being proactive. When you are proactive you make a game plan and decide when exactly you would like to have your sweets or treats and then its just a matter of sticking to the plan.

6) Enjoy That Mother

Hey if you already have the dessert in hand... in mouth might as well just accept where it is and enjoy it! Really savor the flavor and the treat :)

7) Give Yourself A Time Out

Studies show that with every craving there is a huge wave that at the beginning is nearly insatiable to handle but after about 10 minutes subsides and starts to waver. Next time you have a craving accept the wave and give yourself a 10 minute time out do something else for that time and if by 10 minutes you still can not get it out of your head then what the hay.