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Why Running Is Not A Sustainable Solution.

When I was afraid I used to run away from everything and you know what that taught me?

It taught me I was going to have to deal with that problem over and over again

till I turned around and finally faced it.

I was going to have to go through the whole pain process again if I didn't deal with the problem today deal with the pain now. It wasn't always pretty it hurt I hated having to face everything everyday with a smile on my face and pep in my step.

But you know what I hated more?

I hated being right back where I was before, crying about the same thing I was crying about 3 months ago. I hated being in the same exact pain I was in forever like a non-stop dump truck.

I couldn't handle that I would go insane but I could handle sitting in the fire and putting it out today I could handle these burns right now in lieu of hell forever.

So there I am with a bucket of water taming these flames today, learning how to handle the smaller fires faster, learning fire prevention, learning how to not run from fires and start facing them.

Acting faster, acting stronger because here’s the secret if you are in pain or the "fire" and you run you're still going to be stuck in a house on fire.

There is no exit to this house on fire. Damage control, put it out rebuild make your house a home.