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A Message From Millennials


Dear World,

Our expectations out of life are outrageous!

We watched the result of a generation work hard and expect a low pay out of it do extremely well better than expected. A generation that did so well they wanted to inspire their children to do even better AND be happy.

So guess what that’s what so many did, we grew up always writing bull-crap essays about who do you want to be when you grow. As if any 7 year old could realistically tell you what they want.

I can say nearly all through elementary school I thought I was going to be a cow girl and own a farm, save all the dogs from the pound. How I game planned to be completely self sustainable and in secret wrote designs on how I would create a machine that would zap you to another world this is no joke!

The librarian at my school literally started denying me horse books because “other people may want to read them”.

Here you have a generation raised with low attention spans and high desire belief systems that we are supposed to become this superstar with a purpose and know exactly what we want out of everything and at every stage.

Guess what?! We got nothing and nowhere for a long time because when you were raised in the middle to lower class you had to work "wright brothers style" to make the plane fly... To be honest not a lot of us knew what that even looked like.

Getting out of this meant we need to work day and night in silence and secret learn how to smile grind and buckle down even on the days you don’t want to. Make educated decisions about what must be done and NEVER look into your neighbors house unless it's to make sure they have enough, learn that you will go through growing pain and to not run away from them but most importantly, to be patient.

The resources are there... but it takes time for them to catch up and come into play. Time for the plan to start showing progress, time for us to develop into the person we need to be to fly the plane!

So please if know world we ARE trying, we are learning more about who we are, figuring out what we like most and most importantly we are trying to add value to this world make our time here worth it. Yes sometimes we are more ADD than gold fish yes sometime we try to distract ourselves with a bunch of random crap that will definitely not help us but trust in the fact when we come out of this we will find many many ways to connect more with ourselves to connect more with you to make a more beautiful US.

-A Millenial On a Mission