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Athletology: Explained (Becoming the master)

The one thousand words each picture says always is delicately wrapped in one simple word – why?

The curiosity beacons my heart,

why did they push the paint this way?

make strokes that way?

shadow lightly?

Then deep in question; why this picture, why take so long on this image, where did the inspiration come from?

The 1000 words a picture says is about much more than what the picture is.

At the American Open Series 1 I look upon many amazing athletes

some have done this for many years, some much less time, but all of them display their craft and paint this picture before us.

Why do some slightly lean right,

possibly a knee injury? Hip Pain?

Why do some hinge at the hip more, let out a

tiny battle cry.

Why do they do any of this in general?

What inspired these athletes to push through the painful days the injuries push to sacrifice hours upon hours weekends invest into equipment time to go to events for this? Where did it all begin but more importantly why did it continue.

Most people ask the question often what made you change but the turning point your depths and downs are actually the easiest days of the journey. You see many people start pictures new journeys endeavors every day.

It's very easy to make the first stroke, take the first step, but after you are 6 months deep, into something you have exhausted all your efforts, dedicated every ounce of heart into well thats when the moves mean more.

That's when ruining it hurts most that is also when winning feels best though.

Those beautiful pictures you see, amazing relationships made and magnificence crafts developed are from people unafraid of continually taking risks to move forward and commit to what they care about because that is where true master pieces are made.