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Can Pennies Stop Shit Talking?

This maybe the most bizarre thing you read all day...

What do you think when you see a penny laying on the floor?

Maybe oh look! A lucky penny or maybe nope not bending over for that.

When I see a penny I smile inwardly when I have a penny in my pocket it reminds me of the woman I want to be.:

“Criticism towards another never did anything good for anyone”

Why in the world does a simple penny do that? Well, there lay on this simple penny a man who lived and nearly died by those words.

Truth be told criticism increases resentment and never solved any behavioral acts. It may just increase the act because now the person criticized will want to justify why they are doing it.

Listen, I know this is easier said than done but we finally are becoming aware that positive enforcement and kindness really is the only way to go! When someone or thing happens in your life that brushes you the wrong way instead of instantly biting back turn around and look at the person as what they are a person and accept the reasons they did that. Find the logic in their mind to find the logic and reason in yours.

Be understanding be the role model you know you can be. Don’t wait for the change be the change its easy to criticize and it might make you feel better in the moment but it will not make anything better overall.

Taking a moment to make the sustainable decision the more effective decision takes character patience and heart.