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The 3 to 1 ratio to Changing anything and everything.

I don’t know a single person who loves changing or going towards an unknown place. So that begs the question why do we?

Everything we do or have is there because it has some type of purpose in our lives. It’s a means of survival, an escape away from pain or they are in place because they give us some type of pleasure.

These little repetitive actions we like to call habits that trigger feel good chemicals are often very difficult to change. As you know sometimes we can be very destructive.

How did we do it before I’m sure you have changed a habit many times in life lets look at the only 3 reasons why we change:

  1. What around you changed so you felt you had to adapt

  2. It felt extremely painful to continue doing it and you felt there was no other option but to change

  3. A serious event shocked you into a different path

Sounds simple and summed up but the 1 ratio is the hardest part it’s the 3 reasons vs the 1 thing that will keep you on track.


When you are fully committed to a game plan that works and you stick to it for long enough you can literally change anything and everything in your life every time.

What are you willing to do?