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Climb Out Of Your Mind

Some days are simply harder than others, brain a fog heart a mess hoping that you will make it through this distress. You cant always be ok or fine, sorry but that’s just truth. When you go through something seriously traumatic you get this weird PTSD thing about it.

One minute you are completely fine a regular human being acts normal in society the next you are in this dark inferno faded and spacy eyed trying to face reality.

You have fallen into outer space… pew, and its like a fuse just broke loose. Every pain, scar, and bruise you had aggravated again and you start spinning down this abyss.

Then you hit it.

This dead empty spot of calm in the storm and you say should I fall farther will it be easier to just stop fighting and allow myself to truly just keep tumbling down or should I start climbing out start making my way back out to dry lands.

Sometimes you let go, sometimes you instantly start climbing and sometimes you just sit there for a little while. The key is to try not spending too much time falling or sitting and much more time climbing out and walking. You can look at these days and feeling as losses of control and moments of defeat or failure or you can look at them as huge learning experiences: You were never falling you were just putting yourself in a place you could learn how to climb better. The more you can learn how to climb the easier it will be to get out. Because believe it or not there will always be a new level and altitude and when you build up that skill jumping through the next course although will come will different obstacles different pitfalls you will have the right tools to get out. Be open minded be kind be loving become aware.