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How To Have A Day

Sometimes were overwhelmed or nervous anxious maybe even depressed and we sit and reflect over and over again trying to understand why we feel like this how to make it go away. It will drive a person insane. I know it’s painful outwardly as well as internally. The last thing you want to hear is have a great day a good day inside your just yelling I'm struggling to want to even have this day.

So instead I recommend you just have a day:

That simple no pressure

Wake up

Put cloths on

Brush your teeth

Brush your hair

Wash your face

Take a deep breath look into the mirror rub your arms and say you today will get through the next 24 hours

Eat breakfast

Listen to happy music

Reach out to someone you love that makes you smile

Then smile knowing you love someone and they love you

Focus diligently on tasks you are called to complete

Remember you can do this


Listen to guided happiness meditations

Whenever you go into the dark spiral repeat a mantra that can help you take a step out of your mind and go back into what is

Soon enough this day will pass

And guess what you survived

That’s a win! Really take a moment and be proud you got out of it

And you did your best to stay in the present

Now lets repeat that you don’t have to have a great next day just another day.

Remember your mantra, remember your breathing, remember to hug yourself and others, remember your smile, and remember to exercise.