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Whats Your EQ (quiz inside)

I may not have Albert Einstein’s brain or IQ but I do have an incredibility high EQ.

Blessed to feel everyone’s pain and joy able to understand my surroundings able to connect with many from many different walks of life. I may not speak any languages other than English and ASL but I speak the unspoken language of humans very well.

It’s not from formal education except for a few psychology classes but I’ve read stacks of books, worked in many coaching programs and applied them all in real-time with many people. I don’t metal I don’t suede I simply listen openly honestly and authentically to what you say let your words vibrate through and through then open my heart and share.

Maybe it’s not always what you want to hear but often its what you need to hear.

You know why I know I have to do this?

Who else looks back at their childhood notes and finds detailed documentation of their emotional state hour by hour check ins to see and understand patterns I would go through and when my peak state was, looks back and sees notes to their mother about how to communicate so she doesn’t feel alone

All I can say is a loving hug a day can save lives, a friendly ear can change your current, a kind heart can be all the medicine you need in the world.

Heres a fun EQ quiz :)