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Gym Results: It's For My Soul

Time and time again.

I would loose track of the big goal.

I go up and down in weight.

I would get frustrated.

I get labeled: little loved one or the gal with a golden heart its a huge weight to hold. Having so much compassion and genuine care for those around me can drain a person.

So I take to working out, take to meditation, take to reaching out to others and sharing inspiration. There are simple human needs and I am a huge psychology fanatic, I love to talk to people about mindset love to understand what people are really feeling but then there is a dark side to all of this isn’t there. The farther you go down the hole in helping others with mindset the more you realize it is nothing like numbers. At the gym you can clearly measure numbers, with calories you can clearly count them there is this straight line with math and then this curvy looking mess of a web with mindset. Kind of like life right? Haha

Well simply put if not for the logic of going to the gym and practicing over and over again to overcome emotions, resistance, fear and pain I simply would not be here.

Often people ask why I work out. It’s for my soul….

I dance because I feel off beat off pattern and I’m trying to find my rhythm

Handstand to understand balance when I feel the world upside down is heavy and I need to hold myself up.

Weightlift to remember to trust myself and throw heavy things over me hold steady then stand up.

Rock climb to remember that its better to go up than sideways be creative be flexible hold on

Swim to become one with a free floating power of peace slow long strokes are faster than short fast ones

Meditate to quite the chatter.

These forms of coping with life’s obstacles are sustainable, they give you more instead of take. They fill you up with joy and bring you to peace.