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I'm Sorry, But I Just cant do this anymore

As a professional escort I help people go down the aisle find the door break through the pattern but never past that. You see you need a person that cares about you enough and loves you enough to tell you the truth, tell you to clean up your room when you leave a mess, to tell you to eat your vegetables even when you don't want to. You need a person that loves you enough to tell you when you're wrong and cares about you enough to show you when you're right as well.

And most important they know when to let go.

Let you start doing what you need to once you have found the right way. I've seen the pearly gates myself many times walked through them to a new life a new world with new rules plenty of times and I've helped people get to their destinations as well. You see being a professional escort is sort of like being the training wheels on a bike. When you start off wobbly not knowing how to balance how to steer how to Pedal correctly I'm the one that won't let you fall. I'm the one that corrects you if you lean too far but once you have it down you get to take me off and ride on your own.

This is where I say goodbye and it's not because I don't want to be there because trust me I love you I've watched you grow watched you transform but after that point if you keep me on you stay connected relying on me and at that point I'm hurting you from going faster, hurting you from learning more complex tricks that you can only do on your own, limiting you to believe you can only ride if you have my support. Well you see that's just not true and once you do get to the Pearly Gates I expect to you to be able to be an escort to others as well.

Now the reason why this escort figure has stayed so prevalent in today's time is because of how necessary it is. Truth be told nobody wants to walk down the aisle alone and none of us would exist without partnership. Some people are life partners some people are part-time partners that specialize in subjects and some people are like me.

The ones who wander between Gates with a silver lining and a map ready to link arms with you and start the adventure.