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The girl who had to die for this one to live.

Sometimes you forget how far you have come

Today I saw one of the kids that I used to babysit working at a Starbucks and came to a crazy realization, he no longer recognized me at all. I have changed so dramatically since the last time he saw me that when I asked him if he remembered Miss Rachael he actually said to me “ya do you know her too?”

I was lost for words.

It was at that moment I actually realized that girl no longer existed, I did know her too and she’s a part of my story helped me so very much. She’s an amazing girl but she is now just a memory. The woman that you see today is completely different with different struggles different joys. I just want this to be a reminder to anyone who isn’t completely happy with where they are that it is possible to completely redefine yourself. It comes with a great deal of struggle and it may take months to even see a difference but once you start changing the transformation will be incredibly fast. I couldn’t have done it without my mentors helpers trainers and friends.