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The $50,000 Mistake

You’re drowning under a pile of work it’s been a long hard day. No one understands you’re afraid to tell anyone. It’s really hard to ask for help. The manager assumes you managing your tasks and stress but internally you’re counting the days before you go nuts. Then it happens. You make THE BIG MISTAKE. The oh shit my whole body just went numb and my stomach dropped mistake.

When this happened to my Ma it was a 50,000 dollar oh shit mistake. It was obvious yet nothing changed until the company hit that point. The problem was always a 50k mistake and it shouldn’t have taken the loss of the actual money to see that. It’s sort of like running a red light. In my area that’s a 500 dollar ticket and regardless if you get caught or don’t that ticket price isn’t going to change and you recognize that understand and take that risk on. It also comes with the hefty price of danger!! This is exactly like when you’re in a situation like this. Being under stress constantly is detrimental to your health and eventually if you have a position where you are at all responsible for anything, could cost your company as well. Its time to drop the victim cry saying I have no control over the situation I can’t tell them, nothing will change. Trust in the fact that perception is reality and if you can learn to help others see your perception of what’s going on they will most definitely find it in their best interest to remedy it for you as well. Adverting these conversations is as costly of a mistake as being in one remember. It’s always a 50,000 dollar mistake.