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What The Fuck Is Self-Love?!

So get this…

I’m really not sure how old I was when I first started hearing about self love, maybe it was when I was in junior high and my family was doing family counseling, maybe it was a couple of years after when I went back on my own. What I am sure of is that since that day it has been the “reason “why everything has happened. Queue guy with tie dye shirt

“it’s cuz you don’t lovveee yourself man, you gotta love yourself first before you can help or give any.”

Everyone has said this to me and so may others, you have to learn to love yourself more so you can get to the next level in life, get through the mental blockages. Here’s the thing though, does anyone say how the fuck to do this? I mean dang if is so important and every time you self sabotage its because you weren’t loving yourself will then please tell me how to get out of that. I would love to know! So I spent sometime asking myself.

Here it goes my best attempt at defining this extremely mysterious vague self-love thing:

Self-love is when you take care of yourself the way you would take care of a lover. Its when you start to marry yourself date yourself again, when you make plans with you, you keep them. When you see yourself in the mirror you say damn sexy work it. You listen to the interests you have because you are interested in yourself. You spoil yourself just because and when you feel sad you hug yourself you comfort yourself. When someone says something mean to or about you, you defend yourself because they don’t know you like you do and no one talks to baby like that! When you have aspirations you get excited because you want you to succeed. You inspire the shit outta out.

Ok now after that little ramble I realize its been a while since some of us have romantically looked into the mirror and been dazzled so just jumping into marriage with yourself is an outrageous first step. So what is first base? Do like we usually do when beginning a beautiful relationship. Start with dates. Make dates with yourself as often as you would with that lover start slow start fast but always start. Get to know who you are again, what you like. Maybe it’s an hour of reading maybe it’s a short walk, maybe it’s a night out to that dinner spot you have been wanting to try out or maybe it’s as simple as coffee in the morning with some good music and a pen and paper. So what if you feel silly at first so what if people are wondering why the fuck you are doing this stuff alone. If you truly value your success, your well being, you will invest some time into being extremely comfortable with you because baby deserves the best ;) !