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Life Is A Bowl of $20 Soup

My handsome honey right now in the beautiful Iceland hiking glaciers and enjoying a mere 4 hours of light. So far my favorite story has been that his whole group accidentally bought bowls of soup for $20! HA! You hear about scams

and people being overcharged when in other countries well this one is definitely for the books!

Because they thought it was only $2 he actually bought two bowls and spent a whopping $40 on a small cup of peas carrots and water. The group obviously was upset about overspending greatly for a small bowl of soup but the reason why I absolutely am amazed and admire my honey is for his ability to see things positively. Instead of being bitter he chose to enjoy this moment relish it and enjoy that damn bowl!

You see there is a huge underlying message in this story there are going to be moments in life where it will give you the opportunity to see the true value in money and time. The reason why money changes value in all different places and situations is because it really means nothing. We print it and create it but true value is found in the feeling and memories you get from traveling around the world with good people and loved ones. Calling up a gal waiting for you at home or seeing the northern lights in all their glory with your own eyes and not through a picture. I get to watch the craziest cycle go over and over again:

We go to work to earn money

Come home and spend hours complaining about all the time we spent there

That makes us feel like we don’t have much of anything

We spend hours trying to find the best savings online to not spend money

Then we persist on worrying staying up all night because of it

Fight our loved ones over it

Complain we have no joy, friends, family, time, or money

When really we have so much opportunity of both

And if we spent every second of time we spent worrying about it on ways to add value to the world

So much that others could see it as well

Shared more

We would have more money, time, love, and company.

The secret to life is love and giving. So buy the damn soup every time and enjoy the hell out of it with good people good times and smiles.