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Why You're More Busy But Accomplishing Less

"Your stuck in the daily routine, frustrated with how things are going and feeling like your loosing your drive and ambition you once had that made you feel like you could conquer the world. Everyday is the same thing eat work sleep stress repeat. Where is the excitement where’s the mystery where’s the motivation to reach for more? We search high and low for that spark that could reignite us join groups, maybe look into a dating app but nothing satiates the hunger and feeling we are lacking something in life."

If you’re even remotely relating to this feeling know you are not alone. Know that many feel as you do searching outwardly missing something inwardly. There’s a secret to finding out what will bring you closer to feeling whole again and I speak about it often. Gratitude. As a human we can only be consumed with one emotion at a time and we are habitual by nature. Ever wonder why you didn’t have that feeling you did in your younger days? Maybe you weren’t gracious but you were always curious. Desired to learn more be more and question everything. You were learning who you were and now we must appreciate who we are. To appreciate and understand ourselves will help us then appreciate and understand our feelings why things are happening around us why we can’t seem to get out of this cycle. Often the lack of outward growth is spawned from a lack on inward growth. How can we produce different results while continuously working with the same materials? Learning how to be gracious the mature version of curiosity is like sharpening the tools in which we use daily. Being able to take action quickly when opportunity arises because we can now see plainly what is in front of us and without fear move forward.

Coach Rachael