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How To Deal With An Asshole

Who loves hearing they are a real jerk. Likes thinking everyone around them thinks of them badly? I’m near sure that no one ever went out to the world hoping they would make enemies. To remember this when you see people act in an unethical way helps you stay sane. I don’t think people are bad at all, I believe in the good within all people because I’ve seen it. Truth is even good people do things that don’t seem right. Something that a loving friend reminded me was when that happens they usually are not feeling loved. When were not feeling loved we do things that may seem crazy, may seem out of character.

"The boat is always empty."

I like to think about the Buddhist ways when I’m feeling hurt. When something comes crashing into you there’s never anyone in the other boat. People do things because of who they are not who you are. No one has the ability to emotionally affect you but you. You have full control of how you’re willing to perceive a situation and if you’re willing to see things in an opportunistic way. There’s a real power in taking ownership of your feelings.

The world is a beautiful place of amazing people, dreams and joy. When you set out in it be brave enough to love unconditionally. Show others that although we all have flaws we are all still worthy of being treated with kindness, care, love, and forgiveness. We are all in this together and to give back to others in that way will help this thing called society that we are all part of.

Don't give unloved people more of a reason to feel like being an asshole is the only way to not feeling hurt. Don't become the asshole because your not feeling loved by others you have the power be the beacon of light. You are lucky, you are loved, you have everything you have ever needed and if you need a reminder just ask.