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3 Top Strategies You're Not Doing To Stay Away From Cravings!

You take that first bite into the doughnut that lay on the communal office table. Your first thought was yum next was shame. Told myself I was starting my new diet today totally messed up and barely even began. Then comes the endless down talk which is combated by the oh its ok I'll just start tomorrow. Then what happens tomorrow? Damn it who brought cookies today is it someone’s birthday oh have to celebrate that with them, it’s this endless abundance of food and temptations that carries constant shame. Fear not there is a way out!

  1. Secret 1: Shame causes higher repetition of an action

  • (never feel shame for your actions) you maybe saying hold on Rachael that cant be true but I’ll prove it with one of the most common ways it happens. Say you do something on mistake you feel a little ashamed so you duck the manager. The more this happens the more common you will avoid talking to the person who will shed light on that shame.

  1. Secret 2: Shame cant live in the light.

  • The second the jig is up. The jig is up. Sounds simple right? Tell people your having trouble with your diet and controlling your impulses when you see food (which is totally natural) without blaming others but instead accepting vulnerability about yourself. That shame can not live in the open and I bet others will actually jump on board to help. Now look at you Rock Star shame free and you have support!

  1. Secret 3: The plan is just good intentions without actions.

  • ​We are all great planners but terrible action takers it all sounds nice then we actually have to do it! Everyday?! How will I get through the hard days? Well I’ll be the first to say I’ve failed year after year even after knowing what to do. Without a mentor that finally reached a hand out and walked with me until the day I felt like it wasn’t so hard of a journey. Now I get to do that with others in their journey, with all the love and no judgment because I also know the struggle. This journey is dealing with you, your are not defined by it, you are an amazing person and I am here to walk with you everyday until the load doesn’t feel so heavy anymore.

What was my turning point and how can YOU get there