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Why Drop Outs and C Students Are Winning

It’s the day and age of the Dreamer. Times have changed from the typical just work buy a house get married and have kids lifestyle is dying. We want to travel we want to see the world, aspire to make a difference and build upon a legacy now. The dropouts and C students are killing it in this world. Structure and a set path have never worked out for us and going with the flow of life’s ups and downs is what we do best. Were hungry for desires that no instant gratification like a new car or jacket could fill. This world of dreamers is seen everywhere building up and the ones that were born like that in past years are now running some of the biggest companies in America. The path to that is not easy, the path to that is not always fun. Everyone some days are going to look at you and think you are crazy or irrational but I’m here to tell you those days are the ones that show you that is where it’s made. Doing things that others are afraid to do and because of that will never step into it breaks you away from living “average”. Guess what though the C students, the drop outs the strugglers that killed themselves to get by and did things that others said was crazy they understand how to handle the pain of staying steady when things get overwhelming. If you are in a struggle or have some obstacles in your way I’m not going to lie and say its going to be alright and will get easier. The truth is things often do not get easier but you do get a lot stronger and those things become less of a pain. Hold steady like a rock and ride through your problems thankful for the ones you have and the ones you do not have.