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So get this….

It all started when I was in elementary school. One day a group came into our school and had a challenge for us students. They said if we sold 21 boxes of Chocolates we could win a Grand prize. This motivated me a great deal and on that day the challenge was accepted. I remember going to door to door in my neighborhood working very hard towards my goal every day after school. Eventually the last day of the challenge was in front of me and I was one sale short of the chance to win the grand prize. I had gone to everyone in my neighborhood and I knew that every option was expended. My uncle came to visit that day and guess what! After I had explained to him about my challenge, He became my final sale!!! I even helped him eat it :) Now I could have gave up my goal and went to school the next day shorthanded. The only reason why I never gave up was because of the faith and drive I had deep down in my soul. Even at that young age and because of that young age I could do or accomplish anything that I put my mind to. Telling myself that anything was possible and that I was unstoppable! Through life we go through ups and downs and many times “failures” but every time that happened I would go back to my childlike self and say I am unstoppable and I can do anything that I put my mind to”!

Now fast forward to high school, councilors offered me and a small group of students to become the founders in a new coaching class. We were all issued the task of building this class up to its potential so that we could offer it to other students. It was a huge success and one of the following classes even got an interview with our current president! Since then I’ve always valued what coaching and mentorship really means and how it can help us in all aspects of our everyday lives. This led me to taking advantage of every opportunity to be mentored by someone that could help me grow to the person I wanted to be.

When in college I had gone through some hardships as my Parent’s relationship was breaking apart. Although it appeared we were making over average income as a family, we lost mostly everything due to my parent’s separation. With no financial aid I took on three jobs sleeping only four hours a day and paying what I could for tuition. Everyday I told myself I was unstoppable and anything I put my mind to I would achieve. It took me five years and a lot of hard work, but guess what I graduated debt free.

Now let’s jump to my current life, about a month after graduation I made the biggest leap of faith on myself I have ever taken. I took every penny I had ever saved and invested in a $5,000 coaching program. Pride struck me at first but I knew I was worth it, I knew the value in coaching and I knew that the more I invested in me the more I could invest in helping others. Call it irrational, but I quit my job as a personal trainer after I started my coaching program. I needed every minute I had to focus on working on me to be the best Life Coach I could be for my future clients. I was completely broke, stressed and to be honest many days hungry because I couldn’t afford food. That’s when things actually got worse. Because of my family situation I now needed to find a new place to live. I had no food, no money, no home and to be honest I felt very alone. It was so hard to go back to my childlike self and hear her voice at that point. She could only whisper “I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to, I’m unstoppable?” I didn’t know if I believed that anymore. My sanity was gone so guess who called? Yes that’s right, my favorite uncle. He’s a financial advisor by the way and he told me something I will never forget “Rachael your going to be ok, build your life back up slow and steady, and be good to those around you. It will all work out fine” His words meant so much, it was like he bought that final box of chocolates again. I actually had to scream it out loud! “You are unstoppable Rachael and anything you put your mind to you can accomplish!”

I went from falling down so hard in life that getting up didn’t even cross my mind. For me to find myself again and truly believe I was unstoppable, truly changed my mindset and transformed me into the person I am today. I now put it all on the line everyday because that’s what it takes. I have always understood the value in mentoring, the value I am worth as a person, the value of a home to live in, clothes to wear, food to eat, and especially people that love you… I will always be so thankful for what I have in life. It can be taken from you at any moment, so if you take a chance on anything in life then I strongly recommend you take a chance on yourself. Even at my breaking point I still appreciated the fact that so long as my heart beats and there is air in my lungs I’m going to drive full speed towards my dreams of helping others. Anything you want in life, you can achieve. You are unstoppable and I know this. I am here to help you harness your strengths, your mind, body and soul.