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Do You Have What It Takes To Be the Best?

Your heart beats fast and your breath is short, chest heavy. Eyes wide as your body surges with electricity. The adrenaline pulses through as your pupils dilate.

Fear, it can paralyze you. It can cripple your mind and momentum. You see what must be done, but to do it is sacrifice. To achieve it, is change. Each feat we tribune through at some point in our life looked far away. Just like climbing a mountain, to reach a high peak you must climb persistently one step at a time. Even when your tired, even when your hungry, even when you didn't think you could because when you’re at your weakest you find your true strength. When you take that step you didn’t think you could, you understand what you can really do is limitless. Don’t be hopeful for what you want. Hope is just counting on sheer luck, have faith in it know you will get there. Luck isn’t happenstance it is when opportunity meets readiness in the face. I know it takes time and I understand sometimes when you look up, you feel like success is no where to be found, but trust in the fact that if you stop that success will never come. If you stop being ready always, opportunity will never meet you. I don’t care what situation your in you could be broke, hurt or in pain it doesn’t matter it’s never about the person you came in as it’s the person you come out as that I expect to succeed. So what have YOU given today that will be ready to face opportunity?