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How To Unlock Your Confidence

Confidence is key when building relationships and being a great leader. There are people that walk into a room and own it completely. This is for the person who wants to achieve that. One of my favorite quotes that sums up what it is that gives that person so much presence is ;

"Confidence is not when you walk into a room and know you are better than everyone else it is when you walk into a room and know you don’t have to compare yourself with anyone else."

By nature we compare things which foods are better what material is higher quality and so on. Comparisons help us navigate through daily life but when it comes to people there’s a huge gap. It’s like comparing an orange to an apple they were grown differently in different families watered differently and ripen very differently. Everyone has amazing qualities. We can all teach and learn from one another. Would you agree that if you start seeing the value in others for what they are and not for what you lack you open a world of possibilities and opportunities to again grow? There’s a reason why every top leader and significant figure has coaches for different aspects of their life. They have realized that together we are stronger together we prosper because together we build a more complete understanding of life and different aspects of it. That confidence you seek is already within you and to unlock it is letting go of the ego.