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4 Life Hacks For the Busy Mom

Do you ever wake up ready for the day and say today is the day. I’m going to get everything done and feel energetic. I won't let the cravings get the best of me. Only to hit that brick wall and fall victim to the temptations and distractions over and over again? You’re not alone.

Through many studies it’s finally come out that we have a limited supply of will power! So at the end of the day it’s going to be very difficult when it's completely spent to say no to something your body craves or stay focused on something that’s not exactly the easiest or most motivating thing to do.

It's instinctual to think we have full control over our will power and say if I want to do something it will happen but get trapped in a situation where we fail to get it done then resolute to saying next week will be better or tomorrow I will start. There’s a reason why most people that join a gym end up never going and it’s not because they don’t want to get to their goals anymore. This is where I come in and show you an easier way to harness your willpower.

1)Trash the checklists and to do sheets

Many times building an exaggerated checklist will only make your time and focus less potent. Instead of trying to achieve a result you’re trying to get through a list. The motivation to getting through a list will not be as potent in your mind as a results list that shows what you want to achieve on it.

2)Do the most important thing first

If everyday your will power is being drained by first pushing yourself to get up, get the kids ready for school, then drag yourself through a meeting and pull away from the snacks and sweets in the break room and our willpower has a limited battery supply how much do you think you will have left to do the important things you need to be done? Design your life so that your mornings are geared for you to be as productive as possible and doing the most important thing that you need done for the day finished.

3)Focus on one goal at a time

We don’t have the ability to build 30 different better habits all at the same time and do them efficiently. One huge mistake I’ve seen over and over again is someone new coming into a system and trying to master everything all at once getting overwhelmed and then falling off their program within the first month. Take a breath and find the one thing that if you do better everything else will get easier. (Sometimes that means something as simple as if I just make it a habit to bring my sneakers with me I will be able to workout whenever I have time)

4) Call in the back up

When push comes to shove there's a reason why when Mom says to do something it gets done. Having someone keeping you accountable and building a solid foundation with you is essential that's why we have teachers, mentors, and managers. Because when were out of gas we get to borrow some of theirs to achieve more. Helping others succeed is what I'm best at and if you want to start feeling empowered and stop feeling like life beats you down everyday book a 15 minute call with me.