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How to Increase Your Time Efficiency

As professionals we have responsibilities all the time. Things we need attending to and small tasks that sometimes seem to fill our whole day up. Our focus and flow of the day highly dictates our productivity and stress levels. One thing that would always disrupt what I was doing was “urgent” issues that “needed” to be fixed now. Things most of the time I could not fix immediately and could have done BETTER later. For every minute that we loose focus it takes on average five to go back into our flow. If we have a big project were working on that average is not making us as efficient as we should be. Here are a couple things that helped me with that:

1)Turn off your phone or put it on airplane mode.

Your phone can become a constant stream of distractions. Our mind when it’s stressed likes to go through a ritual. Notice that when you check one stream you might check the next one, then the next and after 15 minutes you realize you have completely forgotten what you were doing before. Turn off all notifications so you don’t even see them coming in and check them all during the time you have set for yourself or you will drowned in the constant and endless feed.

2)Block out times where you check your phone calls and make them.

Phone calls can become one string of conversation that leads to another topic and after an hour you haven’t gotten to what you needed to do. Find out who the people are that like to just talk and often get off topic. Set up a time schedule so if you must call them or they you, there is a time limit and let them know that you must stick to it. When you talk to people don’t be afraid of asking for them to get to the point. Protect your time as well because it is just as valuable. The more you respect your time the more they will respect your time.

3)Put a note on your door.

In an office sometimes it feels like there is a revolving door of people coming in needing something. Set a box outside so people can drop paperwork off if needed instead of coming inside and have a note explaining that for the next hour your requesting silence. Many times “urgent” issues can wait and be solved after your goals for the day have been met as well.

4)Start training those around you.

If you often have people coming to you it might be because they were trained to feel that they could come up to you at any time. I’ve had this problem many times at the gym where at any moment people would disrupt my workout or work and talk with me. That’s because they were trained to think I would stop what I was doing and talk. This took sometime to break but the more you show people that you still care about them but you have a time frame in which you need to do things and you will talk with them after the more they will respect that and start abiding to it. People only will treat you the way you allow them to.

If these nifty tricks helped you let me know. Helping people create a less stressful life AND achieve their dream bodies while doing so is what I do for a living and I can talk about that all day long. I'm here to help.


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