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Is Stretching Actually HURTING You?

Do you get sprain ankles, shoulder pain or stress fractures often? If so you might want to check if your hyper-mobile. Hyper mobility is simply saying you can extend farther than the normal range of motion in your joints. There can be benefits to this condition especially for gymnasts or dancers that need to contort for specific moves but for the average person this can mean a little extra upkeep and some cliff diving. The extra stretchy blood vessels actually makes people with them prone to higher energy levels and a fast paced changing lifestyle from the increase of adrenaline. It affects moods and the body in many ways such as higher chance of anxiety issues, panic attacks, difficulty sleeping, and slower recovery time. So who are these crazy stretchy people? Well the highest demographic is within younger females of African Asian or Arab decent.

So now you know lets look at some ways to help your body preform at its best! If you’re moving a lot, which you probably are because of all that energy, its important to build that stability up within a normal range of motion and not over extend during repetitive or heavy moves. Make sure to foam roll get massages or open your body up to increase that blood flow it will help with the anxiety and tightness that you get from being over mobile. Lastly but definitely not least slow down on that in-between stretching from set to set (don’t lie you know you do it). We do what were good at so stretching feels natural and good for hyper-mobile people but because they are already so loose it will cause further tightness those bodies need stability! Get that long term with your body and have fun with it.

Are you hyper-mobile quiz test it out and check if you fall into this category: