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Why its important to say NO to your trainer!

Through my experience I’ve seen people come in talking about previous injuries some that occurred while with a trainer. This is common, more movement and with heavy weights or different things can be dangerous sometimes. The reality is that you and only you know your body better than anyone else will ever! I mean you’ve been in it since the day you began. Yes as a unit trainers have great exercises and various different methods that will get you to the next level but we do not know it all. Just like with chiropractors, doctors, and physical therapists we guess and check. We know the route in many forms but sometimes we may add in that one exercise that generally is great for everyone but just doesn’t work for you. And that’s ok! Let us know. Majority of us love to hear that feedback and enjoy the challenge of being creative. Now don’t take this the wrong way you should challenge your body to do different things and some of them may be difficult or scary when you first try it and in those cases don’t give up. We’re here to ensure you get it and preform it properly. The cases I’m talking about are when you get that gut feeling that your body is burning and not in the right way. In that case say no tap out and let us know what's going on! Too many times have I seen a struggling person push themselves too far with fear of telling their trainer. It’s obvious that group environments promote harder work and people to push themselves more. That socially is a beautiful thing that group classes and trainers can emulate but within that sometimes the focus on what our bodies are telling us gets lost in the group effort to land that last jump or do that last push up. As a trainer part of what we do is supposed to be helping you connect with your body on a more conscious level. That’s why its so important to let us know that sometimes the answer will be “no”. We care about you just as much as you care about you that’s why were in this industry. We work crazy hours, we study daily, we learn all the time, we do it for you and trust me the last thing we would ever want to do is hurt you! So please say no.

Love Rachael