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The Big Question

On a constant I always get the same question and until recently I think I finally have an answer I'm confident giving out. People always ask "What was the turning point, what made you decide it was finally time to loose the weight?" I had always looked back and for the life of me could not say yes that day there I had an epiphany and from there on I was a changed woman. The thing is, that question is rooted from the desire to find out what motivates people in hopes they can find out what motivates themselves to keep going. I know this because Ive asked others what made them jump, or got them to where they were now. Its true that things are never about the how or what you did, it's the why you did it that captures the life force of an accomplishment or success. So to answer the question: no there was never a turning point but instead it was just staying true to who I was and always will be, a dedicated person who sees things through. You don't need to be an expert on anything to succeed you just need to stay true to the grind. There's a few things I have started to accept about myself: I have an addictive personality, I can stay positive but not naive, when I find something interesting I jump head first and assemble the parachute on my way down, I live for purpose and passion, I don't quit till I win. Some of these things are my ego and some of them are hard to live with but to get to where you want to be you sometimes have to take a leap of faith and just go without fear of if you will land. Love loosing, love failing, embrace the mistakes they are you biggest lessons in life! Sometimes it takes a million losses to see any sign of success in the future but if you didn't stay in the game that million times that sign would never have come and the whole time spent there would have been a waste of time. When you have a goal go for it drag it beat it till you can't anymore. Value your time were all learning every day. Were all in this together surround yourself with people that can see this and can help you keep going because we really can't do any of it alone and thats ok. Stop talking about it and just do it until its done! Embrace and learn to love the process enjoy it, its beautiful.

Love Rachael